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Welcome to Moodle!

by Rebecca Barrett-Fox -

Moodle is Hesston College's Learning Management Software (LMS), the online spot where professors post documents, share videos, collect student work, and record grades.

Login to Moodle using your Hesston College network ID and password; this is the same ID and password that you use to login to your email and to 

While every class has different requirements for the technology that students will use, all students should have access to a computer with internet access and a word processing program. You may also be required to use a web camera, spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and presentation software like Google Slides or PowerPoint. Be sure to check each syllabus for your classes to figure out what technology you are required to use. Learn more about the software and apps that Hesston provides to all students here.

Every class has an associated Moodle classroom. If you don't see a class of yours listed, contact the faculty member who teaches it.

If your Moodle homepage includes classes from a previous semester, contact the instructor who taught it and ask them to hide it or remove you from it.

You can access Moodle on a desktop or laptop using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, but Google products work best with Chrome. If you are using a tablet or phone, access Moodle with Chrome or Safari. While Moodle can be successfully accessed on a phone, for many tasks, you will want to use your computer. Be sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection, especially if you are taking exams online.

Hesston College faculty members are well-trained in using Moodle. If you cannot find an answer to a question about Moodle through a quick online search or by asking a classmate, ask your instructor for help. You can learn more about how Moodle works at Hesston College here. For additional help, contact Rebecca Barrett-Fox at For questions about computers or Hesston's computer network, contact Information Technology in the basement of the Adminstration Building, call x8103, or email

Learn more about Hesston’s technology resources for students here.

Learn how to perform some basic tech tasks here.

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