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Welcome to Hesston College's Moodle Site

by Gary Oyer -

Moodle is Hesston's learning management software that has a variety of tools to aid teaching and learning.

Online Learning Tips

HC Student Technology Resources

 You will log into Moodle with your HC network ID and password that gets you into myHesston and email.  That would be something like:
If you don't see a class of yours listed here when you log in, contact that faculty member.

If you see an old class of yours that, you'd rather not see listed, ask the faculty member to either hide the old class or remove you from it.

Moodle is compatible with any standards compliant web browser. We regularly test Moodle with the following browsers:  Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Edge,
Mobile:MobileSafari,Google Chrome

Moodle has a mobile default that works fine for many tasks, but for some things you will probably want to access from a computer.  Also make sure you have constant network connectivity ie, good wifi.

Questions about Moodle for your class? First, ask that faculty member.
General questions on Moodle? Click on the link Moodle for HC Students in the upper right  "Main Menu"  box of this page, or contact Gary Oyer in Smith Center.

If you have questions about computers or the network at Hesston, please contact Information Technology in the basement of the Ad Building, call them at ext 8103, or send email to